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Chilean Law Professors
Photograph: Chilean law professors.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile wrote an article about the visit (translated by Google Translate).

Idea For November 2015

Black-out Periods

With exams quickly approaching, I've been pondering the utility of black-out periods - times when students may NOT ask you questions about an exam or other assignment. I conducted a survey (totally scientific, I'm sure) of my friends and colleagues to gather perspectives other than my own, and I offer these thoughts for you to ponder as well.

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Article For October 2015

Carol L. Chomsky, Casebooks and the Future of Contracts Pedagogy, 66 Hastings Law Journal 879 (2015) [Read fulltext at Hastings Law Journal website (151 KB PDF)]

In spite of the calls to enhance our courses by incorporating skills-building role-plays, collaborative small group exercises, and ripped-from-the-headlines real-life illustrations, the core of nearly every law school course remains the casebook. Casebooks drive course content and design more than anything else (possibly even more than the professor), and similarly are hugely relevant to student outcomes from and experience in class. Legal education has and continues to evolve; casebook content and design must therefore evolve as well.

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