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Chilean Law Professors
Photograph: Chilean law professors.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile wrote an article about the visit (translated by Google Translate).

Idea For September 2015

Using All of Our Resources

As the semester gets into full swing, it is important to remember to take advantage of all our teachable moments during the day and semester. Sometimes that requires thinking outside the box. This past year I had an issue with a student. The student repeatedly believed it was me making him/her do poorly. I pulled out all my usual tools, sitting down with the student and going over the work and my feedback, meeting with the student weekly, giving the student alternative avenues to be successful, etc. None of the methods worked, and the problem continued.

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Article For September 2015

Kristin Holmquist, Challenging Carnegie, 61 Journal of Legal Education 353 (2012) [Read fulltext at Journal of Legal Education website]

In her article "Challenging Carnegie," Kristen Holmquist challenges some of the findings and prescriptions of the Carnegie Report on Legal Education. In the article she challenges the Carnegie "conclusion that law school successfully teaches students to think like lawyers." According to Holmquist, Carnegie defines thinking like a lawyer as an acontextual "non-value based doctrinal analysis." In reality the distinction between thinking like a lawyer and doing like a lawyer is an artificial one which Carnegie fails to recognize.

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